Monday, 2 January 2012

My eccentric teacher

Education is one of the most important parts of our life. The education we receive largely depends on the teacher we have in our school. The society that we live in have all kinds of teachers. ‘Good teacher’ is one in a million.
However, I didn’t expect a teacher like my physics teacher to appear in my scholastic life. He is the most eccentric teacher I’ve ever met. He is a middle-aged man. He has a dark skin and a moustache on his face. He is half bald. I always find his attire a bit obsolete. He has been a mean, abusive, sadistic, blasphemous, ill- mannered, grotesque person. Honestly, I love learning. However, my interest in learning has completely disappeared because of him. My most critical year turned into a complete disastrous one.
I remember the first day when I met him. I saw his scrawls on the black board and they were so tiny that I had to stand up, bend and write. He saw me standing and asked me what the problem was. I told him that I couldn’t figure out the scrawls on the board. He asked me to sit in the first bench and note it down. So, I did what he asked me to do and after I returned to my bench, he held my neck (As if he intended to strangle me) and told that I was impressive. That was when I decided that he ought to be retarded. Since then, his queer behavior was unendurable.
He speaks in a subtle language that makes my unperceptive mind even more perplexed. That is why I barely understand his lessons and just going home and reading the text again only helps me in perceiving. Then, he adds another problem to our full list of difficulties by saying that we need to explain the same lesson the next day. Eventually, our evenings were always filled with tiresome Physics homework.
Well, I thought that he was just doing it in order to bring a positive change of responsibility in us. But this reason slowly vanished as the end of my year drew near. He became even more unkind and pushier. Gradually, he started disliking my deportment as it was completely against his and it was so obvious. Occasionally, he started picking me out. As it turned into a routine, I felt that he paid over attention to me which was completely unnecessary. Slowly, every physics class turned into a disaster. At times, he acted fun loving. His capricious behavior totally got on my nerve.
He also intended to slap me which showed from his body language. This was the biggest reason why I skipped school occasionally. I didn’t like being punished for no good reason. I slowly found everything clumsy around me. I was not able to grasp even the simplest thing around me. I felt that I became retarded. But my parents and teacher helped me cope with this situation. They made me realize that good things always come to an end but take a rebirth and make our lives happy again. Nevertheless, monsters do exist in our wonderful world that makes us stronger.