Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My transition

Embedded in the world’s most unbelievable place – India! Life wasn't like this before. I lived in Kuwait before I moved to India. It is a place where kings and queens live. Burning hot days and freezing cold nights. Yet, the climate never effected the people there in any way because they lived like there’s no tomorrow. Jump from bed at 8 AM and push the curtain of my window that was right opposite my bed, let the sunshine fall all over me, stagger to the bathroom, brush my teeth, make my morning tea, dash at the front door, grab the morning newspaper lying on the mat, then lie cozily on the couch and plunge into the morning news! That’s how my day used to start in Kuwait. Friends, school, home…. Everything was a family to me. I never got frustrated anywhere. Life supported me all time. There were ups and downs in my on and off life but I found them as a learning. But life wasn’t like this after I moved to India. After living for 10 years in a place where I actually belonged, it was heartbreaking when the news of moving to India struck me. I packed my suitcase with all my memories and stuffs that I won’t find in India with a lot of grief.

Leaving my friends with whom I grew up and the place that made me who I am was so frustrating that I couldn’t ever imagine. But I decided to trot with nerve wherever destiny takes me. After coming to India life wasn’t much like before. It was something really new, positively and negatively. A perfect morning which I used to have every day wasn’t just that perfect anymore. I got admitted in a school where talking to a boy would prone you to getting a huge punishment. Well, I never thought talking to a boy would be treated as a sin. I am a freethinker and my principles were absolutely against the petty drastic rules of the schools here. Gradually, I realized that the people around me also think the same. Besides, my mother was also among them. I was made to restrain myself from enjoying the bliss. There were days when I went back to bed wiping my teardrops for the millionth time. I felt like I was living a nightmare.  The only thing I enjoyed was the dreams I dreamt (which luckily are still the same). I was humiliated in school for just talking to a guy. Not just that, scandalous rumors about me were on a roll. I was also advised of giving up. I asked them what to give up. They stood silent. I just couldn’t get what wrong I’ve done. Every day I felt as if being crushed under a huge rock. Huge enough to make me suffer. Make me bleed. Total me. I was ready to give up. Give up and get crushed under the rock and die humiliated. But thanks to the Deccan Chronicle as it published an article which changed my life completely after giving it a read. An article about a girl who actually won over the world and proved the skeptics wrong.
 I love reading. I have always. Reading gives me an immense pleasure. I totally plunge into the characters in it and I feel like I am one among them. I had the same effect after reading the article. It made me look at the positive side of a scandal. People everywhere are so embedded in that place that they literally forget about the rest of the world and think that their principles and culture is the supreme. Well, I don’t blame them. I got this after a lot of study. Since then, I’ve changed my direction. My route. I started looking at the positive side of everything. Now when a person comes and gives me advices of not being who I am, I stand and smile, showing that I’m barely bothered about they say and kindly ask them to get back to their business. I became strong. Strong enough to face a world full of bottle neck principles. I never gave up on my dreams since then. I believed that destiny can’t get the better of me. It’s unstoppable. But I can’t just walk with it as if it’s right all time. I needed to tell my plans and ask it to cope with me. There it is! A deal! So, there is no reason to defeat it as long as you understand it.